Kailee Trippett

Photographer | Artist

I’m a photographer for couples in love and passionate, joyful individuals. While I love loading film and hearing the shutter fire, what I’m really passionate about is serving my clients through highlighting their unique, God-given beauty by creating purposeful imagery. I’ve been blessed to work with clients of all sizes in my career as a photographer -from friendly neighbors to award winning vendors and venues. 

It is a joy for me to provide photography services, education, mentoring, brand photography, and more. I live in Sebastian, FL and love working with creatives and regular folks from all over FL. Ultimately, all of my work is about giving thanks in everything I do. Because you are a gift worthy of being treasured.


Artisan photography is a creative dialogue between the artist and the subject, with the goal of creating quality products that increase in value with age, resulting in memorabilia that become heirlooms over time. Wielding a mix of traditional and modern photography mediums, my organic and hospitable upbringing results in a warm, charming, refined experience.